Common Questions

Q: Do you work on new construction?

A: Yes. Dorig Designs is able to work with you and your architect / builder as you develop your new home.

Q: Do you design other areas besides kitchens and baths?

A: Yes.  Please see our portfolio and the other rooms we have designed.  We have designed mud rooms, laundry rooms, home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, and garages.

Q: I just need help picking my countertop and wall paint.  Can you still help me?

A: Yes.  Dorig Designs is available for hourly consultations with a 2 hour minimum.

Q: How much are your design fees?

A: This will vary according to the size and complexity of the project.  As a ballpark, plan to invest around 10% of the total remodeling costs. 

Q: How long will my project take?

A:  The design process can take 4 weeks to several months depending on the size and complexity.  An average kitchen and master bath will take between 8 to 13 weeks for construction.  Availability of materials and craftspeople play a big part in the timing.  

Q: Can you work with my builder?

A: Yes.  As an independent designer, Dorig Designs will work with any builder of your choosing.  Dorig Designs also has a list of qualified builders if there is a need for a referral.

Q: I already have a builder, why would I need a certified kitchen and bath designer?

A:  A certified kitchen and bath designer is a specialist in their field, staying up to date on the latest products on the market and planning considerations.  They will help save you from making costly design mistakes.  They will also help to make your space uniquely yours.

Q:  Can you help me with my lighting?

A: Yes. Lighting and electrical plans are included in a full set of construction documents.  Lighting fixtures are also available for purchase through Dorig Designs.

Q:  How much is a typical remodel project?

A: Square footage, material quality, and contractor labor will vary from one project to another.  Here are some average numbers in our experience: Kitchens start around $45,000.  Luxury kitchens with Sub Zero appliances for example are typically $80,000-$125,000.  Master baths start around $35,000.

Q:  Do you work on projects remotely?

A: Yes. Room dimensions are provided by you and meetings to discuss concepts are done virtually.